Portfolio site question

I’m creating a portfolio website on WordPress. The only project I have currently is the tribute page site done here. Should I put it on the site and go live even though I only have one project? I guess the site itself could be a project too. Any thoughts?


With WordPress or any CMS anyone can make websites. That just connect to database and setup username and a password. After that download a theme. Is not called web design creating or web site creating.

And it is bad listed as a project.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a website with Wordpress. I personally do most of my client work with WP. And while I’ve designed and coded themes myself, I’ve also used pre-made themes before. Does that mean I didn’t create those websites?

And what’s wrong with using the tribute page as a portfolio project? If it’s the only representation of their work currently what’s the harm?

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Sorry but! What is work on a connect database and setup back end username and password. Log in. Install free themes. Is anyone can do without any experience NO SKILLS required. (NO CODE) This take about 5 minutes. The portfolio is not for dummy projects in my opinion. And this also show that designer and developer knowledge about this if fill portfolio with dummy projects. That just call a CMS GURU. NOT DESIGNER OR DEVELOPER.

Because it does take skills. At least a basic understanding of how to set up a database and then hook it up to WP during the instillation. Now if we’re talking about wordpress.com that’s a different story.

Now can you install a free theme and get your website off the ground pretty easily? Absolutely. And again that’s the genius of WP. You however still need to know how to work WP to update your site. And then what about adding functionality beyond what’s built in to your theme? You’ll probably need plugins, you might have to add shortcodes, edit the functions.php in places. Maybe you need make new theme templates. All that stuff takes knowledge and skills.

So hang on let me get this straight…in your opinion if I design and code my own themes from scratch…does that make me not a designer or developer?

Thanks dlyons. I looked at some others’ sites and they included the tribute page. I think I will do that. I believe if I were looking for a WordPress developer job, having experience building WP sites would be considered projects I can use to show my skill with WP. The tribute page, I would not categorize as a “dummy project” or it wouldn’t be on FCC. I may code a custom portfolio site in the future, but I see nothing wrong with having a WP site as a portfolio site, considering WP is used to build sites such as, The New Yorker, BBC America and MTV News.

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From scratch of course is original like unique. But that user who just installed a WordPress and know how to update and maintain a CMS site that is not called designer or developer. Is a basic thing. No one person will pay money for install a wordpress. Is same like everybody can buy from internet like shop. No need ask the neighbour for help to buy something online. Is called UI,

I’ve been paid before to install WP and themes…
Listen, you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m not going to change that. But I will share my own views of it too.

About UI is something like reinstall the windows 10. This is pretty easy click on buttons and set settings. From this no one will be a PC repair because can install windows 10. Just fix a problem but not about hardware. Fell free to share your opinion :slight_smile:

@erinnunley I want to apologize for going off on a rant. And thank you for your thoughts on the subject.

I agree, honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using your tribute page on your portfolio site. At the end of the day that portfolio is a showcase of your work and at this point with just having starting out, it’s what you have to work with. Now, that being said as you progress in your work and finish new projects I think it’s also totally fine to one day replace it. But for right now, it’s applicable.

And I’d personally use WP for my portfolio site as well, it’s just so limitless when you really get into building your own stuff. It’s fantastic. Good luck to you!

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I would use everything that you create as a project when you are getting started. Then when you get a better project completed you can replace the lowest one you have. I think that WP is a completely viable option, but I wouldn’t give it very much focus. WP is there to showcase your projects, not WP.

Yes, definitely use everything you’ve done - unless you have so much stuff that you can start being picky. But you’re not there yet.

As to the WP debate - Yes, WP development is a thing. It’s not quite the same thing, but there can be a lot of overlap. And a WP developer can range from someone clicking and dragging a few things into a canned theme to someone that is creating their own themes and working directly with the JavaScript, CSS, and php. There are also elements of design there.

No, if your WP project is just the click and drag into a canned template type, then I don’t know how much good that is going to do in your portfolio, unless that is the type of work you want to do. There are people that make a living doing that, but not much - they are pretty easy skills to pick up. The more you get into the actual code, the more your income will increase.

But being a WP developer, in general, is different than being a general web developer. It just depends on what you want to do. But anything in the portfolio is better than nothing. Is the Tribute Page a great portfolio piece? Not really. Is it going to land you a job? Probably not. But go ahead and put your portfolio page together. And then keep adding to it. And I should point out that building a portfolio page is one of the projects. You may not yet have the skills to build one as good as WP will, but at least you will have built it with your own hands.

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