Possible bug in HTML editor

I have noticed that using a space between the attribute and equals sign causes an error.

But the error is fixed when the space is removed

Try to remove all the space in type and href as well in link element.

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Yes, but the thing is it shouldn’t matter if there is a space or not. It’s still correct syntax if I’m not wrong. So this is a possible issue.

While it may be syntactically allowed, it’s convention to have no space between the equals sign. Following standard formatting conventions makes your code easier to read.


Although I agree with your explanation, I’m reopening this discussion because I just went through freecodecamp’s GitHub and the general attitude there was “any valid syntax must be allowed to pass”, which means that the tests not passing due to the presence of space is unexpected/ undesired behavior.

Here’s the source file if you’d like to file an issue.

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