Posting form in voting app result in [object Object] in the req parameter

I am using extensively the clementinejs boilerplate to do this project.
So , I would need to substitute the button of the original with a form in my tweak.
For a first check I pass the HttpRequest (Post) by hand in the method xmlhttp.send().
So, the code in the method ajaxRequest of the file ajax-functions.js:

 var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
 xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function () {
     if (xmlhttp.readyState === 4 && xmlhttp.status === 200) {
  };, url, true);

And the code in clickHandle.server.js to insert the query string of xmlhttp.send(“foo=bar&lorem=ipsum”)) is.

 var Users = require('../models/users.js'); 
 function ClickHandler () {
        this.addClick = function (req, res){
                 Users.create({text: req.body}, function (err, res) {
                                    if (err) return err;

The post send a message of saved! in the console and a check in the mongo console shows that it is been add up a new document, but nothing about the query string passed “foo=bar&lorem=ipsum”. I tried different method of mongoose, but the same. A check in the req parameter of ClickHandler, console.log(req), returns [object Object]