Predicting Cats vs Dogs complete confusion

Working on cell 10 in machine learning for classifying cats and dogs. I have been going around in circles trying to get the probabilities into the right form so I can pass them into plot images, but I am now so lost I can’t think straight. At one time I could print the probabilities and they were tuples so I could then use them to predict, but I tweaked some of the numbers in the model, and now I get a bunch of 1.0.
Can someone help me out here? I’m getting frustrated and need a point in the right direction.

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probability_model = tf.keras.Sequential([model, tf.keras.layers.Softmax()])


predictions = probability_model.predict(test_data_gen)#predictions is numpy.ndarray

probabilities = []#type=array

for p in predictions:






img = []

for i in test_data_gen[4]:



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Challenge: Cat and Dog Image Classifier

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Thanks Jeremy. I keep forgetting how to do that…

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