Preventing Unnecessary Renders

I ran into the redux reselect library. And i want to know if it’s necessary to use it to prevent unnecessary re-renders when their is React.memo already.

Some people even combine the two when the component has multiple instances. And their reason is that reselect will not correctly memoize when a component has multiple instances - it makes sense though.

I am a little bit confused. I need an explanation pls.

The reselect library even looks somewhat like an abandoned repo to me.

Thank you

I haven’t used it, and I don’t have a great answer for you, but I don’t think you should be using it unless it solves a real problem.

You can read this article, which also has a ton of links.

I don’t think reselect is abandoned, the createSelector utility is in Redux Toolkit, I just don’t know how common its usage is.

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That was a detailed post. Thank you!