For which Front End Libraries projects did you use React?

I used React for the Random Quote Generator.

But I’m wondering if it’s overkill and if I should just use jquery and bootstrap.
Full disclosure, I found the React section the hardest part of the course so far so I may be looking for a justification to avoid it! (So I may have answered my own question: if I was smart I’d use React a bit more to master it!) Nevertheless I am curious as to how commonly campers have used React for these projects. Anyone?

Hello there,

In some cases, yes, it could be considered overkill. But, you are completely free to expand your project so that it is not overkill.

I thought exactly the same way as you did, when I did these. So, I did not use React for this project, but I did in the other 4. I do not remember using Redux for any of them, but ended up converting a personal, side project to use Redux, after completing the lessons, and, whilst this took me weeks to figure out, I am so glad I did it.

I recommend you take a look at your project, because it is not showing for me:

  • Remember, a component can only be mounted via one node. That is, it cannot return multiple parent ‘HTML elements’

Bad Code

class MyComponent {
  render() {
    <p>More stuff</p>

I would highly encourage React, for the Drum Machine and Calculator. Otherwise, start a bigger project, and complete it as you learn.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the feedback.
I think I will do at least one or two more with React as suggested to get a better handle on it.
(I’d fixed that bug you mentioned but hadn’t saved!)

Hi @johnnyboygomez!

Trust me, React is helpful in bigger projects :grin:

Redux, in my opinion, is a little overkill for all the projects in this section, but it can be helpful in a giant projects.