Preview Not Available

I am having problems with the preview window. The preview window does not display the results of HTML typed-in. The split window is blank. And the lesson does not reset when I click on the reset button. The browser console has a bunch of fail messages. Not sure if it’s just for me or everybody.

What browser and extensions are you running?

I am using Chrome. I tried opening it up in incognito and Microsoft edge too (not signed in in FCC). Issue persists.

And what extensions?

Adblock Plus
McAfee WebAdvisor

I always have had these extensions.

Yeah, AdBlock is a likely culprit in blocking freeCodeCamp’s functionality. I’d try disabling it for

Turns out the preview window issue was because of a code block I was using. It went away after I removed the block. The reset button is still ill-behaved even after disabling extensions.

Serious bugs in user code block the functionality of the freeCodeCamp editor

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