Prime number detection in JS

Hello good people, as a novice programmer, I was assigned to write code in JS to detect a prime number or not. This is what I’ve done with all my little knowledge. This is very simple and devoid of complex code.

var num = 99;

    console.log("invalid input");

    for( var i=2; i<num; i++) {
            if(num % i==0){
                console.log(num + " is not prime");
                console.log(num + " is prime")

and the answer is

99 is prime

That’s not true. I know, many of you can write highly efficient code with advanced syntax. I do not expect such a sophisticated solution. What is actually missing in my code that can make my program functional?

Thank you @camperextraordinaire, actually, I am just a one-week-old programmer. I don’t know about algorithm. I’ve reviewed many codes regarding this problem but those do not match my thinking pattern. Some people used function, some people used true/false syntax and so on so forth. I was wondering is it possible to edit this code with if-else and for loop technique? I thought the whole day but I can’t work with my code anymore.

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