Problem 12: Highly divisible triangular number

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So my code below works for the first 3 test-cases but seems to time-out for the large n-values. How might I go about improving the performance of my code so it doesn’t time-out?

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function divisibleTriangleNumber(n) {

  function triCalc(x){
    return (x*(x+1))/2

  function calcDivs(num){
    let divCount = 0 
      for (let j = 1; j <= num; j++){
          if (num%j===0){
      return divCount

  let i = 1
  let triVal, totalDivs;

  while (totalDivs <= n){
    triVal = triCalc(i)
      totalDivs = calcDivs(triVal)

  return triVal 


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