Problem In Porfolio Challenge

Hey guys!
So I have encountered a problem while making my portfolio. As you can clearly see, there are some clear margins both to the right and left of my main content even though I have not added a margin attribute to either of my elements. Could anyone please help me? I have been stuck here for like 2 days and it’s starting to bother me now…

instead of using class col-xs-12 use class row

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yeah diomed is correct,you should use class=" main-menu row"

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Thanks Diomed!
This surely helped me quite a lot!

Hey, could you also tell me how I can increase the height of the smaller div so that it is the same size as the window? height: 100% is not working for some reason.

Hi, you can use the “max-width:100%” and try to see i am sure it well work.

But I want the height to be 100% the screen size rather than the width. Moreover, height:100%, max-height:100% and min-height:100% aren’t working

you should use “html 100%”