Problem in Scientific Computing with Python Certification

I manage to finish all the projects in Scientific Computing with Python certification with just a function that return “hello world”. You can check at:

I was just checking wheter I was copying the right url and end up getting the project as completed.

That is the code I used and was approved in all the projects: boilerplate-arithmetic-formatter - Replit

It is on your honor that you submitted projects that actually pass the test suite. If you don’t, your certificate will be revoked for dishonesty.

I know this and I don’t want a certification that I didn’t learn anything. There is a while that I don’t enter the freecodecamp web site and I was get used to it again. My purpose here is tell that the site is malfunction at least for this project.

It is not a malfunction. If a user chooses to lie, they will get caught eventually. We don’t have an automated way to catch all methods of cheating at this time.

I think it was not supposed to work in this way, but ok from now on I’ll try to pass the tests in the replit first and the copy and past the url.

That’s what the instructions tell you to do. This is the intended usage.

Sorry about that. As I said, there is quite a while that I don’t do a project in freecodecamp web site. Thank you for the explanations.

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