Did I complete my certificate?

On one project in data analysis with python I was supposed to write averages, but I didn’t read that, I rushed into the project, so I just made my own table of data without conclusions made from the data. Is my certificate invalid? I may have made similar mistakes in other projects? also, i misread some other instructions and copied something, but realized that was plagiarism, so worked hard to build my own project and uploaded it in its place. please note i have autism.

Did i violate the academic honesty code?

someone please respond!!!

When you go to the projects there is a test suite that you should use that validate if your project passes the test, did you use that?

you mean the link that says replit camperbot hello?

I have never heard of a link that says replit camperbot hello

You should use the links given where it says

You will be working on this project with our Replit starter code.

oh sorry i didnt mean link i actually did click on the link that said you will be working on this project with our replit starter code but i wasnt aware of a button that checked. basically i copied and pasted my finished work url onto the blank space below without realizing if it was truly done.

Did you miss to read the whole description?

Like it says

The tests will run automatically whenever you hit the “run” button.

Does your code pass all the tests?

Now I cant seem to access my projects

could you check them out. i tried importing my project from github but i think i just mistakenly imported something else. im so confused. and its early morning where i am i just woke up.

I can’t check anything out, you need to give the link to the project for that

I ran a few of the projects, but it was taking too long a few days ago, but no errors showed up, and now when i look at my projects with what appear to be my file names, it looks completely different. is that normal?

I have no idea, I can’t see your code

examples/Figure_1.png - boilerplate-medical-data-visualizer - Replit

i dont even know if this is my code that was changed by the site, i have no idea how this works

that’s the starting boilerplate, the file you should change has still all the variables set to None

did you start from this certification? this is not for beginners. The freeCodeCamp curriculum is thought to be done in order from top to bottom

I think I can manage. I have some coding knowledge. is this about right? medical_data_visualizer.py - boilerplate-medical-data-visualizer - Replit

listen i have really bad problems with anxiety and ocd all i want to know is if i get to keep my certificate

depends on the links you have submitted, if the links you have submitted don’t pass the tests, you have not completed the projects