Getting project completed by just pasting URL in it

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today i was going through curricullum and then i clicked on build a tribute page project and( Note: I have just completed html and basic css challanges) then build a tribute page appears there were all those project requirements ad at bottom there was text area where i must put project url.In that area i just copied some URL and clicked Enter. surprisingly it shows that challenges completd . then i went back to home and there its showing 1 0f 30 projects completed but all i did was just pasted the some URL and i chose another project and just pasted URL and again its showing that 2 of 30 projects completed.
my question is that do i get certificate by just doing

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By doing it You are breaking Academic Honesty Policy:

In the situations where we [freeCodeCamp] discover instances of unambiguous plagiarism, we [freeCodeCamp] will replace the camper in question’s certification with a message that “Upon review, this account has been flagged for academic dishonesty.”


is this some kind of bug or what??
and how can fcc know that i actually havent done any projects?

I thought your projects where reviewed before giving you any formal acknowledgement of your abilities.

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i hope they do that
and how can i remove that “2” of 30 projects completed bcz i havent completed any projects…

No. Because of the large degree of freedom that FCC allows campers when it comes to their projects, it is by design that these projects only need a valid url to “pass”.

FCC gets millions of visits per month. The couple of people with access to update your account can’t verify as many projects as are submitted every day.

You can’t. When you complete those projects you can resubmit with the correct url. Do not claim the certificate until you have done so (as this would be a violation of the academic honesty policy).


ok but don’t you think that many people will do that trick and get certificate

It depends on what you mean by “many people”. I’m sure it happens but I think it’s probably a very small percentage of FCC users. There are lots of ways to cheat, but since the whole point of FCC is self-directed learning, cheaters are only cheating themselves.


What does someone gain by doing that though? The certificate is just a personal thing to have on completion, it doesn’t get you anything. Of course you can cheat, but there’s no point in doing that

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yes. they gonna cheat themselves.

but it’ ll give weight on resume or something. but is there any way to remove that thing bcoz its annoying that how someone can easily get certificate.

And whats the use of putting real URL if they’re not check anf we get it by just typing

Submit it as an issue on the github.

why on github?? FCC can see it from here too and
and the reason iam asking this bcoz if this crack goes viral then fcc will be no different than w3school where we can buy certificate without doing/learning anything

Because if you submit an issue Or add to an issue if it’s there, that how they track things and fix them. They don’t track bugs here on the forum, this is for help with the courses.

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If you can find a good enough looking copy of a university certificate, you could photoshop your name on and give yourself any degree you want. This could also go on your resume, and would probably give you a real advantage to actually getting into job interviews, much, much more so than an FCC certificate. It isn’t difficult to do, and needs minimal skill.

This isn’t a trick, there’s just literally no point beyond the very slight chance an FCC cert will improve the chances of getting a job interview. It’s easy to cheat at a lot of things in the sense of just pretending you know something, but the lie is futile. If you get a job interview on the basis that you pretended to have some ability, you won’t get the job, it’s as simple as that.

Do you actually think that a certificate from W3Schools improves job chances?

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yes i agree with 100% with you…
but this the easiest trick you can do thats why i asking about it but it wont change the aim of FCC and cheaters gonna cheat themselves. i was abou to put this issue in github in provided link but now i wont.
now how can i remove that 2 of 30 projects completed.

You mean like a certain candidate for the Florida House?


This is fantastic. Mind-boggling stupidity on show there