Problem with code

Hi, I have a problem with this code:

x = int(input())

if x <= 100:
y = 0.1
y = 0.25

precio = x * (1 - y)

The code seems fine to me, but I’m not expecting the answer that I wanted in the last testcase of the challenge that my teacher sent me. Here are the inputs and expected outputs:

58 = 52.2

When I display the code with the last input, the answer is 149.25, which is not what im looking for, what should I do?

It looks like you want to round the result up to the nearest tenth.

You can find some info on rounding here:

x = 2.56789

print(round(x, 2))
# 2.57

Hi, I tried that but affects the rest of the expected outputs

the expected outputs all seem rounded to one decimal number, so you should be fine doing that


this is a tricky assignment, I like it and I had to dig a bit deeper for the result.

I don’t want to spam you the answer, here’s how you do it:

  • Import math

  • Use math.ceil() on precio

  • for rounding up decimals, you still have to multiply by 10 and divide the result by 10

If you still have issues, come back to us anytime.


That is tricky, didn’t expect round to round 149.25 down to 149.2. I have a small memory of that not working as expected now though.

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