Problem with codepen link for portfolio

I’ve been working on my personal portfolio webpage for a while but I have a problem with one of the links. I don’t have an image for my technical documentation page, so I reused a pic from another project.

Does anyone know if there is a way to link it where it shows a preview of my project on codepen?

Here’s a link to my project:

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Hey @SpringStep!

Since you did your technical document page on JavaScript why not just get a picture of the js logo from google and copy the image address into your html file.

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I have seen some contrast issues in your landing page, your background image is too bright and it is overshadow your introduction text in your webpage, you should add a dark overlay top of your bg image and then write text on that overlay.

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You can get the screenshots by appending /image/large.png or /image/small.png to the pen URL

You can also embed Pens


I tried what you mentioned by adding a filter but to me it didn’t look good. So in order to improve readability, I added a text outline.

Thanks for the links! I updated all the pictures and now it looks a lot more professional. :slight_smile: