Problem with fixed position - Product Landing Page


When I put the fixed position the container bar comes off the top idk why
code here:

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position: fixed causes the rest of the elements to ignore the position of your container element. You can fix the overlap issue using a margin-top property.

Bonus points for the Pokemon theme! :smiley:

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I was just in the middle of typing exactly what @nhcarrigan said, so I won’t duplicate that effort.

What I would recommend is that you wrap the rest of your content in a <main> tag and then add a top margin to the main tag.


thanks I already fixed it adding a top margin of zero to the header. Now im looking how to close the post

thanks, i love delibird

The forums aren’t set up to close a post, per se. The best way to do this is to mark a reply as the “Solution” - this lets other users know that your question is solved, but allows people to find the post in case they have a similar issue. :slight_smile: