Problem with Images in HTML

Hi, i have a problem with the src inside the < img > :

When i search images in Google, and i clicked one (anyone), the link that contains this image is not a link that ends in “jpg”, “jpeg”, or any other image extension. It always returns any article, etc, that has the image that Google showed.
So i think this is making that in my html file returns a little icon with a brocken image instead the image that i wanted to show.

Where can i find a website or anything that give me valid url’s for my html code ?

I’m coding in so i think an image in my computer would not be an option.

Thanks to all.

If you are trying to get an image URL, right click on the image and select “Copy Image Address”.
If I right click on camperbot, on the right…

I get this link.

I really thank you!!!

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