Problem with passing tests for the legacy responsive web design project (Tribute page)

Hi guys! I am passing all the tests for this project on the old codepen, but am failing three of them on freecodecamp. Your img element should have a display of block, Your #image should have a max-width of 100%, and Your #image should be centered within its parent. Here’s the link to my work-in-progress tribute page, please help me!

Hi @lena23 !

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Did you link your css to the html file?

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

In the codepen, it looks like you wrote style.css instead of styles.css

Hi, thank you for answering! My css file is actually called style.css so I don’t think that that’s the problem… :confused:

But you are having trouble passing the tests in the fcc editor right?
The file name in the editor is called styles.css

When I copy and paste the code into the editor, and make that change it passes for me

Oh my, you are completely right, it works now! Thank you so very, very much!

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