Problem with Personal Portfolio: The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport

I passed all tests except ‘The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport’ and I can’t find the problem. I googled the problem and tried a lot of things but nothing helps.
Can someone help me?

you set it yourself to be just 90% of the viewport:

First i tried to set it to 100vh - but i red somewhere, that i have to include the navbar (10vh navbar, 90vh welcome-section). Both doesn’t work. Check it now - i changed it back to 100vh and it still doesn’t work.

I have no idea, there is something that is influencing the heigth of the welcome-section that I am not able to individuate even after repeated attempts, you will need to continue yourself, by commenting out each css rule and each element one at a time to find out where the issue is

but you also have a few syntax errors that you should fix:

  • the head tag is for metadatas, and is added outside the body element - CodePen expect only the content of BODY in the HTML tag. If you want to add metadatas and such, you can add those in the “stuff for head” in the pen settings.

  • delete head tags from line 5 and 18, and add the meta tag on line 3 in the pen settings
    the semantic tag, in case you want it, is header

  • the p tag on line 23 doesn’t have a matching closing tag

Thank you very much for your help! I corrected all the things you mentioned.
Hopefully I’ll find the viewport-problem soon!

I solved the problem - I had to delete padding: 20%; from the welcome-section.
After i removed it, I put the property top: 0; to the navbar. Thank you for your help everyone!

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