Personal Portfolio - height of the welcome section equal to the height of the viewport


I can pass the test by setting welcome-section height to 100vh, but it creates a huge gap that I don’t know how to fix . Also, I have issues with making my site responsive. Welcome section overlaps with sections below when I shrink the browser, and on the mobile phone it’s even worse.
Does anyone have any advice?

I’m still working on it so it’s a bit of mess, but here is the code:
Personal Portfolio

Welcome, masha.

Note: In CodePen, you should not have any meta or link tags in the HTML. Include these in the settings tab of the HTML section.

The point of that welcome-section user story is for you to make it 100vh, but you should take advantage of all of that space to be creative. Even adding an SVG, or more text in a large font would work.

The last test you are not passing is where you are supposed to use media-queries…this is what makes your site responsive. Change the font size, move your navbar to the top, or shrink it down to a burger.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the comments!
I’ve changed it a bit: navbar is now at the top but I’m still struggling to shrink all other elements properly. I’ll just have to try a bit more to figure it out.