Problem with running PostgreSQL tutorial locally in vs code

Hi everyone. I’m doing Relational Database Certification locally because on FreeCodeCamp its not accessible with screen readers.
I’ve completed the first course Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate. now I’ve started Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database. but in first step, I’m launching the new terminal, and typing the following in the terminal.
echo hello PostgreSQL
but it says, test runner failed. when I did the same online, in FreeCodeCamp, it worked. but my screen reader doesn’t read the output of the terminal in CodeAlly online. Any solution?

@moT01 maybe you can help

and maybe @bbsmooth can help with the accessibility

I’ve never even looked at this course yet so I am not familiar with it at all. @arqamgrt1, can you give me the main issues you are having?

Well, my main issue is not an accessibility issue. Yes I have accessibility issue when I do that certification online. the terminal is not reading the output of the any given command.
but I’m using it locally. and there is a problem that I mentioned above in my post.
Hope it helps.

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