Problem with the weatherMap project

i used the IP-API ’ ’ to get the lng and lat of my location using my ip address but it seems that it’s not working.

i used this

 $.getJSON('', function(json){
    lat =;
    lng = json.lon;

but when I log the lat or the lng it’s appear that both are undefined

Does support https?

no it does not, but even with http nothing work.

Is your codepen address http?

yes it is that why i could not figure out what the problem. .

Post the link to your codepen.

You are missing openweathermap API key

before that I’m trying to get the latitude and longitude, so it didn’t work i mean before calling the weather map api

Works for me. I get my coords in console.

  function getLatLon(){
    $.getJSON('', function(json){
      lat =;
      lng = json.lon;
      console.log(lat, lng) // <-- This shows my coords in console

So why it’s not working for me.

i just try it in my brother’s computer and it worked perfectly, so what do you think the problem is?

Are you getting a response in your browser if you just click the link directly?

yes when i do that i got a response.

Post the screenshot of your Chrome console.

well i was using fireFox now i switched to chrome and it worked thank for your time,
i was wondering why in fireFox didn’t work?

Works in FF for me :sunglasses:

thank you @jenovs for your help.