Problems creating new freecodecamp account


I’m trying to sign up for a freecodecamp account by typing in my email address and pressing the “email me a sign in code” button, but nothing happens and I never receive any emails from freecodecamp.

I have tried with firefox and with internet explorer on both a linux machine and a windows machine, and the same happens.

I do not want to sign in with a github or a google account !! so please no solutions involving those options, please.

Welcome there,

To make sure: Would you mind double-checking your email’s SPAM folder?

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I double checked my spam folder and nothing is in there either.
I did try again today to sign up with my email address and the following tracking ID error appeared : 89600f8fac870f3a3ec8
Hope that helps.


Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you please send us an email at from the same email you are trying to use?

We will try and get this resolved the best we can.


Sent an email to

ok, solved the problem myself as I haven’t gotten a reply from

The problem was at my end, I have a pihole installed which was eating all the DNS requests for, and one for, so I sorted that and the “email me a sign in code” button pinged into life.

problem solved.

Hi @bmcat

Thanks for reporting that this was resolved by you. We understand and appreciate your privacy. I have been there myself when my resolver breaks something that I didn’t expect.

Also sorry about the delay in getting back to you on the support email. We get a lot of requests and possibly haven’t gotten around to responding to you.

Thanks again & happy coding.

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