Cannot sign in in FreeCodeCamp with my email

I tried signing with e-mail, Google, GitHub, and nothing seem to work. Every time I try, the message “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again in a moment.” comes up.

I tried today, a couple of weeks ago, always with the same result.

Curiously enough, I signed in in this forum with the same email and it worked.

Can someone help me?


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Hey it’s possible you’re experiencing the same issue as the user in this post here.

You may have a duplicate account. You’d need to email to get this resolved.

More information is available here.

Hello @jonathankerr. Thanks for your reply.

I did send an email to and they did check that my account was duplicated, hence the problem. They merged the accounts and I recovered access to it.

Now, I am going back to studies. :smile:

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