Problems using alt


I am new to the group and a beginner I just started to learn to do coding. I am finding myself having a problem with doing web pages . I cant figure out where to put the alt attribute. Looking for a few suggestions ?
Also does any one know of any books on coding on line for dl for ( free if possible ) that I can dl to read . Also is there anything like a code book that I can get to help me with the abbreviation the classes on the site do not have all of the whole words written out for the lessons just abbreviations and I would like to know the terminology for coding get a good grasp on the words Because for every lesson I am doing Im basically having to google to find out what an abbreviation is for words I do not know.
any help or advise step in the right direction would be appreciated

the alt attribute is for images, so that when the image doesn’t load or a screen reader read aloud, the image can still be described

you put it in the opening tag as any other attribute (or with self closing tags like images, meaning that there is only one tag and not also a closing tag, in the only tag present) with the same format name="value" (example <img src="" alt="a meadow with people picnicing">)

for the other stuff you can find everything about html and css in documentation online, like the MDN documentario, or or other documentation websites

<img src="some_image.jpg" alt="" />

Can you give some examples?

There are many hundreds of free beginner books, it’s a very big subject. You’d need to be a bit more specific