Problems with creating react server

When I try to create server, the console gets me this errors. Instead of save files into my folder, they were saved into appData folder.


You tried installing it globally, so the files are not stored in your folder but in the storage location of npm (appData).

I suppose it works if you use the “open as administrator” option when opening the command prompt.

I use open as administrator. Same thing

I was typing without -g. It dose not work

And if you use: sudo npm install -g react-create-app?

I use Windows, so I can’t type sudo

I just tried running npm install -g react-create-app with the Node.js command prompt and it worked fine, so I can’t really help.


As far as I know it’s create-react-app; also according to the documentation:

npm install -g create-react-app

Sure you didn’t meant this?

Can you be more specific?

You did:
npm install -g react-create-app

while on the docs (assuming we are talking about Facebook’s initial bootstrapping and not another boilerplate) is:

npm install -g create-react-app

watch the name: create-react-app Vs react-create-app

It’s still create errors. But when I later type create-react-app “some name” it works.

So thank you for help