Problems with the coding activities

How do you complete the coding activities when the program keeps auto filling its own words or duplicating the text you input and then when you run the code it says wrong

I don’t understand, can you provide an example of what’s going wrong?
Link to the challenge, your code, screenshots…

I am doing the coding activities for web design on the free code camp but every time I try to do the activity say for example to put paragraph tag’s and then text in

CodePhotoApp</> for example it sometimes creates a duplicate of the text


put or if I try to put the closing brace or something then it puts other syntax.

Are you trying to use this on a mobile? Because the editor FCC uses is not built to work on mobile.

I tried on the mobile.on the mobile it completely did not want to do anything right the moment you press any button it creates a million hello hello hello hello hello. Then I tried on the tablet I have a 10 inch lenovo there it was working a bit better then the phone but it still here and there every other second create a different word like how spell check would do . so I still don’t know how to now complete these activities as I don’t have a computer

I can’t really give you much further help on this: someone else may have found some way to get it to work on a mobile, but this is the code editor FCC uses:

And in the FAQ of that code editor:

:question: Is the editor supported in mobile browsers or mobile web app frameworks?