Product Landing Page (Burger Restaurant) Feedback

Hi, i’ve just finished my project on product landing page. I’d be delighted if you share your thoughts or even feedback on this project, particularly about the responsiveness and code efficiency, as i felt like i wrote too much lines for this project. Thank you very much!

BORGAR Landing Page


Hey Muhammad,

awesome job so far! :clap:

My ideas:

  • all tests pass, awesome!

  • it’s responsive, great work!

  • you can increase the overall readability of your page by adding some more spacing, e.g. between the different sections; you can read more about it here

  • in the contact section the heading overlays the footer


Keep us posted and keep up the great work!

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Thank you for the feedback, ill fix it asap kind sir

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I really like your page! Do you mind if I ask you how long it took you to put that together?

I have a little bit of feedback for you. When I was looking at your page on mobile something kinda strange happens with the hero.

It looks as though everything gets pushed down, leaving this gigantic black space at the top.

Anyway, again I really like the design. Colors, fonts, everything just looks really nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you @mikethecodegeek for the feedback, i believe i’ve fixed it now.
It took me about 2 days to finish this project.
Again, thank you for your comment.