Landing Page Project - Some Feedback Folks

Hello dear,

Kindly check out my landing page here I am still working on the responsiveness and will inform when am done with it. Your kind feedback is always paramount to me. @Jerami @pleeseno

Thank you for your time.



I like the colors and contrats ! :smiley:
I like the design too!

Few things to do/fix:

  • For mobile and tablet, you need a hamburger CSS3 menu
  • IMPORTANT POINT HERE! You might want to look into making webpages/websites MOBILE-FIRST, it really is easier and this video explains what it is and you will understand why it is better: Personally, I chose to make all of my projects mobile-first.
  • Also, your email input isn’t working.

Everything else is pretty good. I think you should post that on project feedback thought and not general ^^.



Hello @Tech,

Thank you so much for the feedback. I’m still working on the responsiveness. I have never really started projects from the mobile version but am going to consider it for the next projects. Also going to look through the sent resources. Ooops! I posted in the general…


i really like your landing page.good job.


I like it a lot! Clean design. Very marketable. Good job. You know about the responsiveness so, I won’t mention that but, I will say, I’ve been trying something that may work for you. On my current project, I started first by entering my elements, then setting the page layout for Responsiveness next, and styling and adding images and colors last. That way, your responsiveness code won’t break any of the design you already have done. If you design after responsiveness, your design is responsive as well, because it was coded in a responsive environment. Make sense?

I can show you with my Survey Form Project.
First I added the elements that the customer, or I need.

Check this with the tests. It passes all 17 and I’ve done nearly no hard coding.

Then I added a Grid layout to my elements, which makes it responsive, natively. See here.

Then I started adding some of the data and values in and am going to start styling with color and fonts and images next.
This is where I am now.

But still, it’s a great landing page, my friend. It’s better than I’m able to complete, so far. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

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Wow… Thank you so much dear. About the grid responsiveness, I truly appreciate the guidelines. Everything made sense… I’m eagerly waiting for that form… It looks a great project when finished. Thank you once again @Jerami

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Thank you so much @fccb988c681-323f-44b

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Maaaaaaaaan…This makes me wanna redo my whole product landing page LOL :joy:
It’s gunna look great when its responsive
10/10 :star: Would recommend :+1: :+1:


To be honest, the project is great!

But if you really want me to nitpick at some aspects of it, then here you go:

  • Seeing the pixels on the letters of the logo, you can fix this by making it smaller.
  • The nav bar seems a bit too big for its contents (logo and ul li), a bit thinner would be ideal!
  • Aligning the nav elements vertically within the parent box.
  • Good use of padding between the icon, header, and description.
  • Making good use of the line-height property on your description.

That’s all. Overall, you did very well on this project. Everything was well executed, but my favorite part of your project has to be the “get early access today” box by how you made it overlap two different sections and by creating the box-shadow to make it pop out.



Lol… @pleeseno… You’re killing me with laughs
.:laughing::joy:. Thank you so much dear. Yours is also great. I had a look at it…


Thank you so much @qwesone. I am going to work on all the identified issues… Thank you so dear for the feedback.

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