Product Landing Page project feedback is welcomed

Can i get some Feedback for this project!!

Really appreciated if anyone could!!!

I quite like it, however I feel like you could play around a bit more with the colour scheme. I feel like yellow is not the best suited to a lightsaber landing page…

Also I’ve checked and this doesn’t seem too responsive. It would be nice if your could make it work on mobile devices. Also your navbar is a bit messy on mobile devices and you have two menus whereas most responsive navbars will have a title and only one menu.




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Your landing page looks good to me. It is responsive, your email input has HTML5 validation and your nav collapses for mobile view. I also like how the lightsaber images go hidden once you reach a certain view-port size.

One thing that I would look into is when you go to mobile view you have a horizontal scroll bar. It’s not terrible but it does take away from the UX I feel.

I also think that if there were a better color scheme or color transitions it would make your landing page look better. Pure white with an off-yellow nav doesn’t pop too much.

Lastly I would try and add some alt text to your images. I don’t think it’s too crucial because of the divs they are in but a simple “lightsaber” or “blue lightsaber” may help with screen readers.

Great work!

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@cdurflinger @Mortuie Thank a lot for the feedback guys. Im gonna start working on it right now. Later if you can i ll tag you again and maybe you can check it out again!!!