Review and feedback on my first landing page project

Hey everyone!

I’m very much new to coding and have been learning html and css for the last few weeks now. I’ve just created my first landing page project -

I still need to get my head around responsiveness so the page is currently lacking this but would love to have some inital feedback :slight_smile:


Looks very nice. Good choice of heading color matches with the background.
Home pointing to header doesn’t work I believe.

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@toowee I am sorry but I have a feeling you are lying to us. (Just Kidding :rofl:)
For a first project, this is very impressive! :smile: I recommend for responsiveness, you can set the display of the nav links to none and replace it with a hamburger icon. There are tons of tutorials online and I found provides a well-explained example. Anyways, good luck! :slight_smile:

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@Cowwy Thank you so much for your feedback!! Will sort out the links :slight_smile:

@shaux Hahaha aww this made me laugh. This is my first “proper” web page :sweat_smile: thank you so much for your lovely feedback and advice with the nav links too. The hamburger icon was exactly what I had in mind for the menu. I’m going to have a proper session of just learning everything to do with responsiveness today!

Bloody good website @toowee

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