Product landing page can only achieve 12/16 tests

I can not get the test to pass the embedded video, the submit element to go to a static page ( I thought all you did was add action= " URL to where the page is" to get it to work? ) I also have no idea what it means to get the navbar to stay at the top of the viewport, right now I have it so when you scroll it scrolls with you.

P.S. I need to research media queries more as I have no clue how to do those, that will be the last test I get working. I want to make it so it formats correctly on my phone, but that will require extensive research on my part. Also, don’t laugh at my bad columns it was my first attempt lol

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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look below the failed user story to see the error message
in this case it says the #form element should have an action attribute, does it have an action attribute?

Ah okay, I got that one to work. However, I’m still lost on the navbar since its doing what is asked, same thing with the video. Is it because I used iframe instead of video?

The video id needs to be on the iframe, not the container div.

Move position, top, and width from the ul to the nav element.

You have errors in your HTML, run it through a validator.

Ah, thank you. I changed the video id from div to iframe and also the ul elements to the nav element and it works perfectly. Thanks!

In regards to the errors in the html, would you mind taking another look? I used the included analyzer in codepen to search and fix what I could find. However, I am not sure how accurate this analyzer is.

Looks good.

A standard validator might complain about the allow and/or frameborder attributes on the iframe but I wouldn’t worry about it (that is after all the code you get from YouTube).