Product Landing Page - Clipping, overflow, and user style agent issues

I’ve been having some CSS issues on my product landing page project. The majority of my code is cutoff horizontally when the window resizes; it fits itself as if there wasn’t a large amount of white space immediately to the right. The exception is img elements, which aren’t affected for some reason. I’ve tried a lot of debugging, making sure the width is set, that no parent elements are imposing any other styling, until finally I tried using 3.5 to help me debug, was reminded of devtools, and realized the user style agent was applying code snippets like this:

img { overflow-clip-margin: content-box; overflow: clip; }

I’m pretty sure this is the issue, though I’m not certain. I’m genuinely not sure where to go from here. If there’s an obvious answer I’ve gotten my wires too crossed to see it. Here is the repo containing the current draft, under the aptly named Product Landing Page folder.

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