Product landing page feedback wanted

After spending what feels like forever learning java/javascript/python I finally decided to focus on front end layouts for a couple of weeks so I can actually start building things that aren’t completely text based. I would appreciate feedback on this project. The css is kind of messy and I am going to tidy it up tomorrow, but the tests all pass so I think it’s pretty much ready for viewing.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll also try and make it more responsive over the next couple of days. I have kind of done it the lazy way where I just set it to go grid mode after a certain amount of px.

The font-size is so small, I can barely read it with my glasses on.

good point, changed it.

Much better font-size. Now the other suggestion I have is once the device width reaches 1000px or below, I would go ahead and make that bottom section stack on top of each other. Why? Because just under 1000px your form shifts to the left unexpectedly (see below).

Also, when you get to 878px, the third column heading (the h2 element) overflows into the p element below it.

thanks, still trying to get my head around how everything fits together. I’ll change that tomorrow :slight_smile: