Product Landing Page-Feedback


Here my Product Landing Page.
I tried the CSS Flexbox technique and I think I am more happy with this one than with the CSS Grid.

Product Landing Page

You do have responsiveness, which is good.
I think you need to use flex wrap in the header to wrap the navbar below the logo when the viewport shrinks.

The images are not in line, and they look a bit squashed. Perhaps style them with a fixed pixel size or min and max sizes. You could have a div for the images and a div for the text inside a flex container. That way, you can make all of the images line up, and have the text left justified, but have the container aligned and justified centrally.

I think that background colours are more pastel or plain white. Cyan seems a bit strong.

I tweak the page with your ideas: flex wrap in the header, a div in img element, fixed px in the images.And add up some few things, more particularly for when the screen shrinks: remove of padding where the images and a max-width in the paragraphs.
I think now it is a bit better.

Yes, it does look better. Good stuff.

Good work dear… Keep it up