Product Landing Page Logo Alignment Issue

I can’t seem to get the logo to align to the right of the navbar. It disappears every time I try to align it to the right. It will align to the center fine. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

.topnav is 5000px wide that’s the problem.

Thank you, you’ve helped me twice in the last 2 day! How could I fix this while still having my navbar cover the top? I tried changing width to 100% instead of 5000px but then the nav bar and logo stop about halfway through the width of the page

I’m using the browser’s developer tools. You can add margin to push it away from the nav or you can do a flex row with space-between.

Thank you, I was able to fix it using " margin-right:1200px". Is there an easier way to have something like that automatically take the width of the screen? I tried making it margin-right:100% and that didn’t work. Again, the problem is solved, I am just wondering if there is an easier way to accomplish this versus guessing px’s.

Move the class="topnav" to the header and delete the div topnav{width:100%;} then img {float:right;} gives you the effect you originally wanted. you won’t need the 1200px if you get rid of the 5000px. You also have an unclosed div at the end of the titles list.

Thank you! I took your advice from earlier and created a flex box then moved the class=“topnav” as you suggest. All is good! Thanks again!

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