Product Landing Page, Navbar must be at the top of the viewport

I do not understand why this is not working. It is failing a test saying, “The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport.” The navbar is fixed on scroll and I added a position: fixed and top:0 attributes. Still nothing has worked. Here is my codepen

Would you mind pointing us to the right challenge?
Otherwise we don’t really know what to match your code against.


Yes, here is the challenge.

You can select the test in the upper left of the codepen “Product Landing Page”

Thanks, this settles it.
The error says the following:

So you should use CSS flexbox somewhere. As the header looks quite a use-case for flexbox, I added it without minding the design whatsoever - nevertheless, it works:

Hope this helps!


I am still getting this error.

I am going to assume you figured it out in the last three hours because it is showing passing when I run it. Congratulations!

I am really chiming in to say you not charging nearly enough for your services. I charge my customers $75/ per hour for an intern and go up from there. Don’t be afraid to ask to be paid.

I got it to work once I switched my machines. I was having an error for some reason. The page is fake haha! :smile: