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Hi all! I’ve finished my page. I’m not so happy as I was with the other two previous projects. I’ve used my own material for background and brand logo. The background is OK but the logo seems awful.
Another thing that bugs me is that the other two pages could be watched perfectly on a cell-phone, not this one, probably because of the fixed header and nav-bar. If anyone can show me a way out of this, or if I should leave it that way, would be rad.
Thanks in advance. I’ll revise some curriculum challenges before I continue.
So here it goes!

honestly, im currently working my landing page too, as for my previous projects, i would like drawing the design at first place.

it would make it easier when you know what the page layout would be like on screen.
i used to make border guidelines for each parents and childs nested, so i would know which part of them that need to fix.
if they were okay, than i remove the guidelines. if you ever see my post maybe you know what i mean.

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@sobadrdb Hi! Thank you. I’d like to see your fork if you don’t mind so I get a better sense of what you’re telling me. But it’s only up to you. Thanks.

you can see it here my raw landing page
but it need more to fix as the css written there had not changed yet, after i read the bbsmoth reply about css trick, i would make big changes on the css.

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@sobadrdb thanks! I’ll see it in a bit

@sobadrdb wow! It never occurred to me to do things this way! Thank you indeed. I’m sure your final work will be great. You’re very smart. Thank you!

tbh, im not too smart,
in my opinion, the first two projects meant for us to design like inside of refrigerator if i would imagine.
it have body all over compartments, at top you have freezer compartment for header, and the middle you have spacious for containers, while bottom for footer.
as for middle compartmen as main container you can divide it few sections. in first section i want to put the fruit and vegetable box containers in a row. At the second section i would like to arranged the milk, water, breads containers stacked in verticals. and for the last section i would filled it up with the beers container only.
thats what i thought for the first two projects.

but in the next future projects, i think its like imagine one side of your wall behind the fridge. how you want the layout would like. and it responsive if the layout turn into fridge which is smaller screen.

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@sobadrdb Interesting idea! The fridge comparison! When I see minds like yours it makes me wonder whether I’ll be really able to do this. Buuuut I’m still trying. Thank you!

i believe everyone can, as long they imagine it first, then learns how to applying it to the code.
this my survey form updated post, showing what ive done till it was completed.

fridge comparison

like the moderator “Roma” said , building the projects is not about sprints, but a marathons.

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@sobadrdb Roma is right. I loved how your survey looks and the process for it, too. Have to rethink this a lot, which is not bad, again like Roma said.
Thank you so much fellow camper!

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@sobadrdb OK if you’re still there, I could solve a couple of issues in viewport portability to cell phone.
Now I can see the whole header and the main element with the proper sizes and legibility.
Still, the problem with the nav-bar, which I relocated, is that I can’t get rid of the space between left margin and text. It seems the problem is that somehow the nav-bar is set to begin circa the middle of the page. I’ve made a media query to reduce the font size but it seems that is not the problem.
I’ll keep on working on it.

hi again,

maybe you should refreshs your view,
leave your current project behind for a while. come back later after you’ve been refreshed.

start a new pen, and then you just make a simple navbar. figure out how it goes, without being distracted by other elements.

try write the navbar sample like this page show you. since you use flexbox:

thats what i did when i got stuck.

@sobadrdb Thank you so much. I’ll do that. And thanks for that page! I’m gonna read it and read it. Godspeed