My product landing page took me a week!

Just finished my landing page.

I did a ton of work on it!
I really tried to make the layout simple and easy to go through.
I definitely learned it’s easier to design mobile-first.

Let me know what you guys think about the visual design.


Hello @kwxza, great website you did there!

The colour scheme and layout is really great!

For the desktop layout, I feel that the Navbar is just a bit too big in term of height.
I also think that the distance between the two packages offered should be a bit closer, as they are pretty far apart.

But overall, this is a really great website!

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Thanks @Guibibi!

I struggled with the header because the logo I had is too detailed to be shrank down significantly. The site is a fictional landing page for my girlfriend’s business so the logo was sort of set in stone lol.

Those two offer package cards also gave me trouble.

Thanks for your feedback!

Wow! You did a great job!
the week of work was worth it!!
I’d just say that the top fixed panel is a bit too thick. Make it a bit thinner and put the logo in a little box. (I mean put a border around it).

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Thanks @ConnerOw1115, I really appreciate that!

Yeah that logo, I’m going to change it

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I really like your page. Nice layout and great color scheme. It makes me wanna go back and redesign mine! :smile:

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Thanks @sensi!

I’m really not a designer at all so I’m really happy that you guys think it looks good!

Hi, the website is really beautiful.
I like the colour separation between the sections.

The only advice that comes to my mind is to not make the navbar so much transparent. When you scroll the content, the text of the sections remains visible under it and under the textual links.

Really really good job!

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Thanks @simonebogni, that means a lot to me!

I looked at a lot of landing page examples before completing this
and I liked how a lot of them used color separation of pages.

That navbar is a real killer for me. I made it more transparent
so that the headers would still be somewhat visible when
scrolling, as I feel like the nav’s size reduced a lot of space.
Maybe not the best choice.

Design is hard!