Product Landing Page: please give me some feedback

Hello everyone, I have completed my Product Landing Page and Survey Form. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

if I’m not using best practices,please let me know and I will update it.
every suggestions are welcome!

Hi @edwarddevp, your product landing page looks good! From what I can see you probably fulfilled all the user stories. Two things I noticed: First, the menu does not follow the same style on smaller screens as the example. You could work on that to practice you “making things responsive” skills. Second, for me the font displayed seems to be Comic Sans. I think it is falling back from Satisfy. While nothing is wrong with Comic Sans, keep in mind that a lot of people have strong (negative) opinions about me. If it is not Comic Sans, ignore this comment! Anyways, great work and keep it up! :slight_smile:

Hi @flx_flks thank you for the feedback!. I didn’t know comic sans is so hated I will keep it in mind for next projects, I will follow your advise and use another font different from Comic Sans

Hi @edwarddevp, absolutely no worries. :slight_smile: Keep coding! :slight_smile: