Product landing page problems!

Hi everyone!
This landing page has been quite challenging. I just learned that I can analyze my code, which was great (thank you Michael!) I have cleaned it up but am pickled about the last error notice!

Second thing is the dreaded #5
Have not been able to figure up what they mean by .nav-link button and what I am supposed to do there!

Hey Ann,

great work!

If you provide us a link to your pen,
we will have a look at it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am a dork! Thanks Michael! Okay, so you will have noticed my page has had many transformations! Some not in a good way! I will fix my css later. right now I am struggling with:
1# the error message tells me I have special characters [>] but I cannot see where I need to add or take away any. I am guessing that is what they mean.
#2 I don’t know why the test is failing me for content #2 or layout#1 (my links don’t work but they are at the top of the page!)
I have tried a million things for number content#5. No success yet! It is driving me crazy but it is a lot of fun too, especially when I finally figure things out!!!
Thanks for being a mentor!

I did it again! Here you go!

Hey Ann,

I think it’s good advice to solve the validation errors first,
from top to bottom,
because sometimes these errors lead to other errors and failures in the test.

Link to HTML validator

For example an error due missing " leads to other errors:

Let us know if you need some additional help fixing the validation errors :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been trying so hard spending hours on this dang project. Tonight I feel like giving up I just got done busting out in tears. Maybe this isn’t for me. :sob:

Hey Ann,

I’m really sorry that you feel sad about it.
I know this time from back in the days.

The starting phase is the hardest time,
because you put in a lot of hours and it sometimes is very frustrating.
But it will get better!

Let us know how we can help you :slightly_smiling_face:

I just saw this! Thanks for the encouragement! It means a LOT!!!