Product Landing Page Problemss

The only step I cannot pass is the media query step. I am really new to coding and cannot find what I have done wrong. I would just like some help with getting the media queries complete and maybe some other advice. Thanks!

Are you sure you gave the correct link? I don’t see anything.

If i copy and paste my link it refreshes blank, how do i share it so it includes what I have created?

I think it works now:

I got your code passing all the tests. All you have to do is add:
@media screen and (min-width: some pixel value) {
selector1 {}
selector2 {}

You can also set a max-width, or a range, if you’d like.

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I added 2 to the bottom that I am sure are media queries but it still is failing me?

nvm I got it, thanks a lot for the help!