Product landing page project - Help needed!

Hello all,

I have issues trying to resolve user story #4 and #5.

They require me to have a “nav-link” class for each nav element and I did so by classifying it in the <nav >tag instead of each nested <a> element as shown below.

<nav id="nav-bar" class="nav-link">

I understand I have to give each <a> element the class to pass this test but I do not know how to without ruining the code.

Secondly, I am having issues with the nav-links as well. It seems to work fine for me and transports me to a specific section of the page but it does not pass the test.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Here is the link to my code:

Hi @rynell-lee !

Why do you think adding a class is going to ruin your code?
It should function the same with a class added to those anchor elements.

The tests were designed to look for specific things.
If you don’t provide that, then you won’t pass the test.

Hope that helps!


to pass it you need to give each of your a elements the class class="nav-link" like the user story tells you and then correct your CSS code so it styles your navbar correctly again.

You might need to tweek a bit your code after that, but it should pass.

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