Product Landing Page Project - Help

Hello guys, I am trying to get my pricing section and products to work but having issues. The border isn’t showing nor does my margin-top code work to drop the section so that there is space in between the section and the div above.

I’ve tried many different things but not sure what the root cause of the issue is. Any help much appreciated!

Here is my project:

hi @EmpyrealSEO

you can’t have border with the same color as the background. your body color #eee, your price border also #eee.

my suggestion:

  • try different color
  • you set #pricing with flex direction without declared display: flex, instead of using inline-block.


Thanks, but my CSS is still not applying correctly

hi @EmpyrealSEO

when im designing, i used to add this attribute just to see how the elements behave on layout

* {
   border: 1px solid magenta;

you can add that to your * selector.

of course if you familiar with the firefox or chrome devtool you can ignore that.

happy coding

edit: try using the codepen analyze tool to find coding error.

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Thanks a lot. It was an error in my CSS. Unclosed block. Was ruining my whole design. Wow. It’s always a small thing like this I overlook lol I was using another css validator and it wasn’t catching that. Thanks!

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