Product Landing Page Project ... so... i have a bug. when you in the anchor link, the fixed header stays on his way covering content. any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Hey there,
The header blocking the content is not a bug! One way you can fix this without JavaScript would be to increase the padding between your previous paragraph and the header, though that would leave a huge gap between your content because of how much space your fixed header takes up.

Perhaps you might want to consider scaling down the size of your logo to make your fixed header smaller in height, which would reduce the necessary amount of padding between the paragraphs and headers to ensure that your content would not be covered when you click on the anchor links.

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thanks. so i would need javascript to change that? cause i dont want ugly empty space

Over all of the content that is below your navbar put padding-top equal to height of the navbar. That will clear your nav

For each one of your sections that is a target of your internal nav links put a padding-top the height of your navbar then put a negative margin-top same distance. That will clear your nav when you click on one of the internal links