Product Landing Page - Video Test/Footer Feedback


My codepen link to my landing page

My product landing page is still a work in progress but I can’t figure out why my #6 test is not passing for "I can watch an embedded product video with id=“video” - is it because I have a YouTube video? I’ve tried a few different things and still can’t figure out how to get it to pass.

Also, why is there a space under my footer, I’m not sure where it’s coming from? I checked the margins for neighboring items too.

Hi Amy,

I noticed that on your HTML section you are using twice the id #video in div tag and an iframe tag. IDs should be unique and not used more than once in each page.

The space in your footer is coming from the #video CSS.

@dmouroutis Thank you so much for your quick feedback.

Definitely something good to keep in mind that IDs are supposed to be unique, I totally forgot about that from the lessons, so thanks for the reminder.

Fixed the #video CSS and worked like a charm :slight_smile:

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