Product landing_ page

just finished my product landing page project guys, also I don’t know if it’s too early to experience an imposter syndrome cos that made me procrastinate.
would love to see your feedback.

Hello @harrison4, nice work on your product landing page.

You may want to recheck the user stories, because your page currently fulfills 15/16 of the requirements. The unfulfilled user story has to do with embedding a video. Your <iframe> and other elements appear unclosed.

Also, run your code through the W3C validator. It is a helpful tool for weeding out HTML coding errors.

Happy coding.

Your page is good @harrison4 But few things to revisit

  1. I can’t see your Iframe video it’s saying the connection was reset

2.Change your font family to sans-serif

thanks nikhil, have corrected the iframe video property to fit into the product page.

hello @dewslyse , i have corrected and ran my code on the W3C validator. thanks for your feedback.

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@Problem-solver, I’m not trying to be rude but each page is unique to the person coding. Don’t say to someone to use your page as a reference, it can make someone feel inferior. I provided feedback to your page a month ago and those issues haven’t been resolved so it’s not a good reference.
Rather than doing something like that guide people into resolving the issues and give constructive feedback but don’t have them compare.


@Problem-solver I just noticed, kinda left it in the js file when i was making an amend on my css file, thanks for the notification