Production and Development in Tailwind CSS CDN

What is ‘production’ and ‘development’ in the CDN of tailwind CSS? It is mentioned in the documentation that CDN is not suitable for production but can be used for development.
What exactly does this mean? Please explain.

Without a link to the pertinent documentation section, I would guess it means that while you are doing development work or demos, it’s good enough to link to the tailwind CSS assets over a CDN so that you don’t have to worry about hosting it yourself. This means that your site would link to the tailwind CSS assets somewhere else and when your site is viewed, the client downloads your files and then downloads the tailwind files.

Once you have a site in production, you’ll probably be building custom JS and CSS assets and hosting them yourself and depending on your setup, you will be hosting and serving all your files (including tailwind) in one or more bundles and the client will not be downloading the tailwind assets from other places.

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Thank you for your reply. Well explained.

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