Progress Lost in Mario Characters DB

Hey all,

New user and first time poster here, so first of all, thanks in advance for all input and feedback you might give me! :slight_smile:

Now, on to the problem, I started the Mario character database exercise, I worked on it a bit yesterday and when I attempted to reconnect my progress was down to 0% and my prompt was back to the “echo hello PostgreSQL” one.

Any ideas of what might have happened or what I could do to fix this?

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Hi there and welcome to the forum!

Could you have a look on please? If you login with GitHub and click on the Cloud IDE tab you will see if you have any projects saved there. (This is where all personal course data from the Relational Databases courses is saved).

I suspect that the project container may have been deleted.

This is exactly what just happened to me for the second time in a row! The most recent time, which was minutes ago, I was at 98% and my entire progress got wiped out (without me hitting a reset or anything).

And yes, I did check and it was a blank, good as new template I found there. Starting all over again is not even the worst: I don’t have a guarantee it will not reoccur still.

Previously, when I had reopened it it always just opened straight to where my progress was.

I decided to go around it, and just start from scratch :sweat_smile:

It is done now,
Is there anything else I need to do for this exercise to count towards the sql certification?

Ouch, I was only at around ~30% when it happened. I managed to finish it, starting from scratch though.

I hope you manage and it doesn’t reoccur :confused: