Progress not showing for 2 parts of Scientific Computing with Python (Beta)

Hi there, I clicked on ‘Scientific Computing with Python (Beta)’ today and it is showing that two things, ‘Learn Classes and Objects…’ and ‘Learn Tree Traversal’ have zero progress. This is weird because I definitely did them, I remember struggling for awhile with those lol. Any ideas of why this may be? I don’t have any other accounts or emails associated with FreeCodeCamp, and it would be a real disappointment if I have to do them again to get the certification. Thanks in advance!

Changes have been made recently to the curriculum in order to better serve the needs of the freeCodeCamp community.

The lessons and project steps which have been added or substantively changed will not be marked as “completed”, which can impact your reported course competion percentage. This will not impact claimed certificates. If you have already completed a project, then you are not required to complete the new steps. Any lessons which are not part of a certification project are always optional.

Only the 5 certification projects count towards the certificate.

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Wonderful, thanks for the info!